Winnie The Pooh Theme Party

Backdrop Set Up + Dessert Table Decorations

This Dessert Table Package included Backdrop Decoration, Helium Balloons, Winnie the Pooh Theme Party Cake, Customised Goodies Bag, Candy Doorgifts, Buttercream Cupcakes, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Royal Icing Cookies, Honey Glass Jars and Pop Corn Jars


Winnie the Pooh Cake
Winnie the Pooh Theme Party Cake
Winnie the Pooh Cookies
Winnie the Pooh Royal Icing Cookies
DIY Honey Pot Table Decor
Candy Door Gift put into DIY Handpainted Honey Pot
Honey Jars
Honey Jars for the lovely guests
Pop Corn Jars
Butterscotch Pop Corn Jars
Fresh Fruit Tarts with Winnie the Pooh Tags
Fresh Fruit Tarts
Winnie the Pooh Cupcakes
Buttercream Cupcakes
Photo Decoration
Baby Maxson’s Photo Decoration Corner
Winnie the Pooh Plush Toy
Winnie the Pooh Plush Toy

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