Hey guys! The reason why we chose the name CORALS is that they are actually a very meaningful creature. Let’s take some time to understand some fun facts about CORALS first.

CORALS are like the rainforest of the sea. CORALS aren’t just colourful rocks, there are many living things living inside them.

CORALS are not mobile. Instead, they anchor at one place and they live their whole life there. They form into reefs over time and they are very important to the sea as there are literally millions of species living in, subsist and around the CORALS.

CORALS built up over millions of years and can survive in warm shallow water as well as cold deeper water. They built themselves to withstand typhoons, hurricanes, and other tropical storms.

But today, CORALS are in trouble. They are sensitive to water temperature, so global warming and climate change is bad. Ocean acidification, eco-tourism, and commercial over fishing, are all beginning to kill all of these tiny animals.

But all hope is not lost. According to study, the parrot fish might be the CORALS savior. Where parrot fish lives, corals thrive. So with a little bit of effort, we can help these tiny animals to continue for another 400 million years or more.

SO ~


We anchored our base at Corals Cafe (located at Bandar 16 Sierra) and we aim to build our empire to be bigger and bigger overtime.

Our beloved clients are like the million types of living species around us.We meet different clients everyday and never stop learning to subsist together and share fun as well as knowledge together.


We are not afraid of failures or obstacles along the way. We always learn from our mistakes and we never give up. We just embrace our failures and keep moving forward, stronger and stronger each day because we’ve got a great team!

Parrot Fish


Our team is like a group of parrot fish. Whenever we are around, CORALS thrive. We always work hard to provide the best for our clients. If there is anything they need or any problem they face while planning their events, WE ARE THERE FOR OUR CLIENTS.

Now, we hope these helped cleared your quiries as to why we picked the name CORALS. Thank you for your time to try to get to know us more and we sure hope to meet with you one day!

Cheers 🙂