Piggy Unicorn Theme Party

Dessert Table + Backdrop Decorations

This package included the balloon designs, backdrop, Dessert Table with Cakes, cupcakes, fruit tarts, cream puffs, cake pops and also the main cake.

Photo Decoration
These are the photos of the couples before they have baby Zhi Ern. What better way to showcase their love story right?
Baby Photo with Frame
Baby Zhi Ern’s Foot Print. How adorable!
Pastel PInk Piggy Unicorn Cake Pops
Pastel Pink Piggy Unicorn Cake Pops.
Piggy Unicorn Cookies
Pink Piggy Unicorn Cookies with individually sealed packaging and personalised tags
Fresh Fruit Tarts with Piggy Tags
Piggy Unicorn Paper Cards on Fresh Fruit Tarts with Strawberry, Blueberry and Kiwi
Piggy Unicorn Decor
This is a customised wood plank with Piggy Unicorn Design as a Table Decor.

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