Fondant Cakes 翻糖蛋糕

Fondant Cakes


All our fondant cakes are specially made with love and we are renowned for having very detailed artwork. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it come in life! The flavours of the cake are customisable.

我们的所有翻糖蛋糕都是从满了爱与努力去完成的作品。 我们是以非常好的手工艺术品而闻名。所有的小细节也会从蛋糕上体会得到。只要您想要什么,我们就会把您想要的,尽量做到最好,呈现出来!这些翻糖蛋糕的口味都是可以定制的。

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