Western Catering

Western Menu Catering in Puchong, Klang Valley

This is what we do BEST !!!

We serve mainly western cuisines for most of the events. If you are bored with the traditional kind of catering, you should definitely try out our western menu! It will surprise your guests!

Every dish is cooked with our chef’s special recipe! The sauce, the soup, almost everything is made from scratch… Mmmm~

Here’s our Western Catering Menu :

Here are some of the signature dishes that we serve during the event/party /celebration :


Crispy fish fillet with fresh lemon slices and dill
Strip version of the classic fish and chip


Fresh Sole fish
Deep sea halibut


We take pride in using Fresh Deep Sea Sole Fish, a halibut / flatfish which we cut into fillets and dip in a pool of eggs wash and coated with Japanese Bread Crumbs, then deep fried to perfection! We use minimal seasoning to bring out the best umami of the fish. The fish is then served with fresh dill cream and lemon slices that will enhance the flavours of the fish.

Caesar salad with fresh egg quarters


We use fresh, cold and crunchy Corals Lettuce pairing up with Hard Boiled Egg quarters and cherry tomatoes, all mixed with our Chef’s secret dressing, topped with Premium Grated Parmesan Cheese. On top of the salad, we serve Olive oil coated crispy croutons to go along with it. You can taste the dressing on every piece of salad. Hmmmm~

Tomato basil spaghetti with chicken and cherry tomatoes


Fresh Herb is always the best choice to cook a perfect sauce! Good quality tomatoes play the most important part in making the sauce.  We add fresh basil leafs into the pureed tomatoes to make the delicious sauce. The spaghetti is cooked to al-dante, then mixed well with the homemade tomato basil sauce and topped with generous amount of grated parmesan cheese on the pasta, ready to be served.

English herb roasted potatoes with rosemary


Always french fries, always hashbrowns. Got sick of it and thinking that they are too oily? English herb roasted potato is the healthier choice! We use fresh Rosemary, that is one of the english herbs in this dish to bake it and fused into all the potato chunks.  Extra virgin olive oil coats each potato chunks and roasted to golden brown edges. A super healthy and super savoury way of enjoying potatoes!

Honey glazed grilled chicken chop


Again,  Special chef’s recipe is used to marinate the Boneless Chicken Drumstick overnight and grilled to perfection with some honey glazed on the chicken. The smoky caramelised honey really add some distinct taste to the chicken chops. Crispy chewy for the skin, juicy meat underneath it, oh my oh my, we wish you can smell it through imagination, really…

Japanese roasted seaweed fried rice with white sesame seeds


Our signature Fried Rice! The one and only that you can find! We basically invented this, can you believe it? Hah! Well, each rice is massaged and coated with fresh egg yolks before frying. Why? Because then each rice are like little golden pieces. The rice is then stir fried with carrots and lots of shredded roasted seaweed till golden colour is achieved and served with the fluffy eggs whites and toasted sesame seeds to add extra fragrance to the rice.

Chicken bolognese spaghetti


For this dish, fresh ground chicken and tomato puree were used as the base for the sauce and infused with different types of fresh herbs like rosemary. There are also carrots,onions, and celery (for those who doesn’t eat it because of it’s pungent smell, don’t worry, you can’t taste them,  trust us, it made the sauce taste better!) Every strand of noodle is covered with goodness of the sauce! Yummy~

Crispy fresh fries with chopped parsley


Oily and unhealthy right? But those who love fries will be like, who cares? Yup! Who cares! (If you are not on a strict diet, having a little fun and enjoy the food during the party is important!) We use imported fries from the United States because they really do taste different from the local ones! The fries are deep fried to perfect golden brown and tossed with freshly chopped italian parsley and seasoned well with salt and black pepper. When chilli sauce are placed beside the trays, can you resist the fries? We can’t, honestly.

Creamy potato salad


Every bite is full of crunchy carrots, onions, cucumbers, chicken sandwich ham and sweet corn mixed well with thick mayonnaise and creamy mashed potatoes. Super refreshing! The crunch, the sweetness, the texture, really satisfying!

Simplot Hashbrown


Hot and Crispy, mouthful of potato chunks. Amazingly satisfying with the texture and flavour. What else? They are hashbrowns! Leave it alone, no in depth description required because everybody knows hashbrowns! In fact, we love them! Bye bye diet for a moment.

Spaghetti aglio olio with Capsicums


Spaghetti aglio e olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish from Naples. It basically means oil and garlic. This is why you always find this pasta a little more oily than the other pasta dishes. We cooked it by lightly sauteeing thinly sliced garlic in extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of Capsicums and dried red chilli flakes and tossed with spaghetti to be served. If you love seafood, do request us to add them into the pasta! It certainly does make it even more tasty!

Grilled lamb chop with rosemary herb


Australian Lamb grilled to perfection with chef’s special marination. We usually them with spicy, bold, homemade black pepper sauce. We also serve them with mint sauce. But as you know, those who enjoy lamb will enjoy the original scent of lamb, so minimal sauce is required to enjoy this tasty meat! Do you agree?! Yes, i know you do. If you don’t just pretend like you do.

Deep fried prawns with lemon slices


We can’t overfry them! It has to be just nice to make sure the prawns are really juicy and crunchy. Fresh prawns are the best because you can taste the ‘sea’ literally. The original sweetness of the prawns and crunchy texture. Mm.. We serve with dill cream sauce, chilli sauce and we advise to squeeze some lemon on them when you eat it because lemon and seafood is a wonderful combination!